Leader: Blackstar-large white tom with huge jet-black paws
Deputy: Rowanclaw-ginger tom
Medicine Cat: Littlecloud-very small tabby tomApprentice, Flametail
Warriors: Oakfur-small brown tomApprentice, Ferretpaw

Smokefoot-black tom

Toadfoot-dark brown tom

Applefur-mottled brown she-cat

Crowfrost-black-and-white tom

Ratscar-brown tom with long scar across his back Apprentice, Pinepaw

Snowbird-pure white she-cat

Tawnypelt-tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes Apprentice, Starlingpaw

Olivenose-tortoiseshell she-cat

Owlclaw-light brown tabby tom

Shrewfoot-gray she-cat with black feet

Scorchfur-dark gray tom

Redwillow-mottled brown-and-ginger tom

Tigerheart-dark brown tabby tom

Dawnpelt-cream-furred she-cat

Apprentices: Flametail-ginger tomFerretpaw-cream-and-gray tom

Pinepaw-black she-cat

Starlingpaw-ginger tom

Queens: Kinkfur-tabby she-cat, with long fur that sticks out at all anglesIvytail-black, white, and tortoiseshell she-cat
Elders: Cedarheart-dark gray tomTallpoppy-long-legged light brown tabby she-cat

Snaketail-dark brown tom with a tabby-striped tail

Whitewater-white she cat with long fur, blind in one eye

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