Leader:Silverstar:Silver she-cat tabby with a white paw.

Deputy:Pacthfur:Black and white tom.

Medicine cat:Amberpelt:Light brown she cat with large amber eyes.


Blueheart:light gray she-cat with pretty blue eyes.

Ravenfur:Black tom with three white paws,and a white tipped tail.

Snowfur:Pretty white she cat. Apprentice:Whitepaw.

Flamestripe:Orange tabby tom with a small white muzzle. Apprentice:Fangpaw

Nightpelt:Black tom. Apprentice:Sandpaw:

Moonfur:Light brown she-cat with a white paw.

Stormpelt:Dark pale gray tom.

Rivercloud:Light gray she-cat with two white paws,a white muzzle and a white tipped tail.

Longtail:Orange tabby tom with a long tail,and three large white paws.

Brownstripe:Brown tabby with a white muzzle.

Largeheart:Large black tom with a white leg.


Whitepaw:Silver tabby she-cat with a large white paw.

Fangpaw:White long hair tom with a large tooth.

Sandpaw:very light tabby tom with a twisted paw.


Goldpelt:Pale Ginger she-cat with one eye.

Twistedtail:Long hair tabby with a twisted tail.


Brokeye:Blind long hair black tom.

One-Ear:Large tabby with one ear.

Tailflower:Dark gray she cat with a white tipped tail.


FireClan was formed by 10 wild cats.Fire was the first leader.Her deputy was Sally.Fire was leader for two years.Then she died.Sally took her place.Her deputy was Darkheart.Sally died and Darkheart was leader.His deputy was Flamefur.Darkheart died and Flamefur(Flamestar)became leader.He choose Frostheart as his deputy.Frostheart died so Flameheart choose Silverheart.Flamestar was killed by a dog.Silverstar wa the next leader.She choose Patchfur as her deputy.Silverstar is the leader today.

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